Video transcoding

There are thousands of video formats in use today, and each player supports only one. PixelPipe Signage ensures your files are converted to the correct format and manages the conversion process for you. We automatically transcode your content to suit the player, whilst preserving the quality of the video and ensuring your uploaded media plays seamlessly.

Remote monitoring and control

Avoid downtime and diagnose problems in seconds using our intuitive dashboard.

Manage and monitor the HDMI connection into your screen, detect power issues and react immediately to any outage.


Play each message when you want it, on a certain day of the week, a specific time of day, with an embargo, or an end date. Each message can have a different schedule depending on your business needs.

Manageable playlists

Playlists are at the core of PixelPipe Signage and are easily managed, controlled and reordered using our simple drag’n’drop functionality.

Organise your library by interleaving playlists and mixing feeds to create additional playlists within playlists.

Your playlist can be viewed, edited or deleted with any changes distributed directly to the display screens.

Expand content with external feeds

Enhance your internal content by incorporating external media such as live news, weather, travel and any RSS or MediaRSS feed. Also include feeds from your in-house systems.

Responsive change

Updates and changes are immediate. When a playlist is edited, the player receives a push notification to confirm the changes are live. They are downloaded and published in the next playout loop.

Efficient network usage

PixelPipe Signage ensures your content is downloaded only once and is then stored on the player, enabling your bandwidth to run efficiently. The media only plays out once it has been fully downloaded, meaning no buffering.

You can have as much storage as required on the USB stick, which is securely formatted to ensure no-one can tamper or change the content.

Content creation

Template rendering

Turning your screens into eye catching digital signage has never been easier.

If you don’t have your own beautiful content, we have put together over 450 video templates designed and created using broadcast quality technology.

Simply edit it in your browser, insert images, text and video, and we render it for you in the cloud.

PixelPipe Signage templates are an affordable way of achieving high quality, sophisticated messaging to communicate with your audience.

Our templates are priced at 14 credits per video – £7.00. Purchase credits via your dealer for £25.00 per pack of 50.